“Number of poverty is growing rapidly” was announced. In Germany, there will be a loud DIW study 11 million poor people. Inevitably, appear in the mind’s eye images of mass squalor and misery and this in the middle of our (affluent) society. How can this be, asks the citizen. After all, we live in one of the richest countries in the world. A look at the study puts the lurid testimony.

A subtitle brings the truth to the point: “Continued high risk of poverty in Germany.” From the “risk” let the media at the end only the “poverty” are. It is a small but significant difference. Because poverty is endangered in Germany, according to the OECD definition of who is less than 60 percent of median income at their disposal. Expressed in figures, this corresponds to an amount of 925 euros for a single.

For a couple with two children, there are 1943 Euro. That is not much, but a life far removed from squalor and misery is so possible. The risk of poverty and the associated fear of losing the middle class are important issues. Sensational and misleading headlines distract from the challenges for our society.

The pension guarantee

First time this year has the pension guarantee. Although wages and salaries of employees have decreased due to the crisis. Just last year, the retirees were in the midst of the worst economic crisis in 80 years, the largest pension increase – manipulation of the pension formula is thanks – recorded in 10 years. The suspended pension cuts must be made up.

The contribution rate for employees will be several years later by 0.2 percent as the payer without warranty and with around 10 billion charge until 2015. A destabilization of the whole pension system until now solely stems from the fact that the extension of short-time work has prevented massive losses on the revenue side.

Yet, the manipulation of the pension formula is not withdrawn, the viability of the whole system at risk.


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